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To Build Your Business with Facebook Ads

Why This Ebook is Good for you?

  • Did you know that Not Using Facebook Advertising is the worst way to build your business? In fact, it is not only effective targeting but is also the highest efficiency for your online business.


    Would you like to know the effective way to build a campaign using low cost method?


    Hi, my name is Ashton Wong, I’ve figured out a way to build a business using Facebook ads. At one point, I was a struggling internet marketer and I’ve lost thousands of dollars on trying to drive traffic to my website.


    I generated some leads, but I never got sales. My ad spend has always exceeded my earnings and I would often find myself borrowing more money on my credit card just to keep up. Soon I was tapped out. This is why I had to figure out a way to get targeted audience, so I can start slow and scale fast.

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    Page You Read This Year!


    Now that I figured out how to do it and build profitable campaigns for myself. I’ve put together everything I know into a system I call “Laser Beam Targeting System” and I would like you to have it for a steal.


    I’ll tell you more about what the system can do in a minute, first, here’s what my system can do for you…


    • You’ll able to build your Facebook ads without sinking neck deep in credit card debt
    • You’ll able to build your Facebook ads campaign with less money
    • You’ll able to do any business with Facebook
    • You’ll able to find the best audience to target for any business
    • You’ll able to save money by targeting right audience
    • You’ll able to scale your business fast
    • I’ll show you how to lower the cost per ad by taking advantage of Facebook ads Algorithm
    • The more right audience you have, the more likely you are to make money when you start an ad campaign. I am showing you the fastest way to grow your audience.
    • The money’s in the follow up and I’ll show you how to get it with effective follow up campaign.
    • I’ll show you how to save your budget by 30% with one simple tweak
  • Ashton, Where’s Your Red Ferrari and

    Your Private Jet?


    I admit, I’m not a guru. I never wanted to be one.


    It was never my intention. In fact, I didn’t even plan on creating this system, all I wanted was to build some Facebook ads campaigns so I can make money sending out traffic to my website.


    I don’t expect you to trust a word I’m saying, after all, to you, I’m just another person who claims they’ve found the keys to the kingdom, but I genuinely understand what it’s like to be struggling to build your Facebook ads week after week, month after month.


    You and I both know that a Facebook ad like is what separates losers from winners online, and I know a way to build one. And I’d like to share it with people who really need my help. If that’s you – then I’d love you to experience it for yourself. But you’re probably wondering…


  • Why Should You Listen To Me?


    Because I’ve been where you are. I’ve bought the co-called coaching programs promising to teach me how to build a successful ad campaign and got thrown to the sharks.


    I was told to run a conversion campaign and hope that people will click my link and they’ll just buy from me automatically.


    I bought Influencer shoutouts from Instagram to my capture page and lost $50 in just few hours. I almost went bankrupt buying ads on Google.


    I even bought leads from shady MLM sites and emailed those leads and heard crickets. I know what it’s like to be spending time and money on your traffic, and always come up short. But unlike you, I know what success tastes like, thanks to my system. And I want to share my system with you, so you taste it too.


    Laser Beam Targeting System

    Target Ideal Audience and

    Build Your High Profit Business

Laser Beam Targeting System is a result of years of trial and error.


I’ve spent a lot of time trying every bad method out there so I can tell with full certainty what doesn’t work. Eventually, I accidentally did a few things right, and I started doing more of those things.


Soon, I started making money, but I needed to perfect my approach. I spent the next 90 days lightening screws until I finally created a bullet-proof newbie-friendly approach to build a profitable Facebook ad campaign from scratch using low cost traffic.


This approach works in any niche and it doesn’t discriminate against your previous experience. It offers an answer to some of your most burning questions such as…


  • How to set up Facebook Pixel?
  • How can I start from Beginner to Advanced?
  • How to lower my cost when running an ad?
  • What to do in ads to get people to click your link?
  • How to take full advantage of custom conversion?
  • How to follow up with your website visitor to get sales fast?
  • How to analyze the data of my Facebook campaign?
  • How to deal with Facebook ads inconsistency?
  • How to target people who most likely purchase my product?
  • What Facebook ad formats to use?
  • And much-much-more!


“Okay, Ashton, How Much?”



You’re probably wondering what I am going to charge you for this system.


Thing is, I spent several years and tens of thousands of dollars in between mentoring programs, tools, coaching, seminar, e-books, home study courses and books who all promised a solution, but seldom delivered on their promises. I’ve spent way more than I profited.


According to my most modest estimates, I spent about $21,000 on all sorts of Facebook ads advice that didn’t work. However, since I’ve developed my system, I’ve already recouped all of it back and made 10X more.


So, this system is worth tens of thousands of dollars to me personally and a bare minimum of $21,000 to anyone who truly wants to know how it works, because that’s the amount of money it’s going to save them.


But I’m not going to charge you anywhere near that, or even half that, because it wouldn’t be fair. There’s no need for you to fork out as much as I had and spend just as much time as I did and go through as much pain as I did. I’m offering you an easier path.


Other programs that claim they can show you how to build a Facebook ad are typically sold for $1,850 by speakers on stages at seminars. But I’m not going to charge you that either. In fact, you’re going to say I’m crazy (other have!) but I’m going to allow you to try out my system without risk at…98%OFF - for just $37.



Why 98% Discount?



Because I remember what it’s like to be in your shoes right now and I know you’ll make all this money back in no time when you apply my system. Not to mention, that I don’t expect to get rich by selling



Remember, it was never my intent to become a guru. I just want those who need my help to get it while at the same time to repel the tire kickers.


There’s only one catch – you need to act fast. I’ve put together this special offer for a limited time, because due to the personal nature of the support I offer, I won’t be able to handle more than a few hundred clients. The price doubles in 48 hours, so you need to act fast.



Act Fast To Get These Fast Action Bonuses

  • Bonus #1 - My Winning Ad Formulas ($197 value)
  • Bonus #2 – Product Validation Checklist to use in selecting products to get high selling opportunity from your store adapted to weight loss, pet niches, internet marketing, personal development niches, including micro-niches such as weight loss for recently pregnant women, invest in stock options and much more! ($297 value)
  • Bonus #3 – Quit 9-5 Strategy ($497 value)


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